Microsoft + SeeqPod?

09 May

There’s a rumor floating around that Microsoft has bought Seeqpod, mainly fueled it seems by the fact that they have a link to Microsoft live search on their home page.

I may regret saying this, but I think that link is a red herring. Microsoft is the last company I would expect to have an interest in SeeqPod, unless their search technology is incredibly impressive and Microsoft intends to apply it to other forms of search. A possibility, but it seems pretty slim. Besides being a bad fit in terms of corporate culture, SeeqPod is probably under an NDA and would most likely be in big trouble for leaking that sort of information early.

If Microsoft is buying SeeqPod for their search technology, don’t expect to see the free streaming service re-launched after the acquisition, at least not until Microsoft has signed deals with the majors, which as we know is a lengthy and expensive progress. Of course Microsoft can afford it, but can they profit from it?

In the meantime, Grooveshark is still running, still growing, and we have an API as well, for all those developers left out in the cold after SeeqPod shut down.


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