Yamaha C3

Jay drives a Silver 2007 Yamaha C3 to work every day. It’s a 50cc scooter, which means he can’t go fast enough to ever get in trouble for speeding, and it also means he gets excellent gas mileage, currently averaging 95mpg at the time of this writing (2/20/2008) with 1648 miles on it.

The C3 is incredibly fun to ride but of course Jay, being a geek, largely chose it for it’s superior technical specifications:

  • Liquid-cooled
  • Fuel-injected
  • 4-stroke
  • Catalyzed

In fact, those specs make the C3 a one-of-a-kind, as it was the only fuel-injected scooter for sale in the US in 2007, and maybe still is. The fact that it’s a 4-stroke and catalyzed means that it has extremely low emissions and is quiet to boot. No loud, noisy, polluting scooter here!

The C3 has a very low center of gravity, largely due to the gas tank and liquid cooling reservoir residing under the floorboard. This low center of gravity coupled with the fatter-than-normal tires on the C3 mean it feels very stable, yet it is also quite agile, able to quickly dart around obstacles with little effort.

While Jay is clearly quite fond of his C3, he does secretly lust after a new Piaggio MP3 scooter, his dream being to one day drive an MP3 across the United States, possibly as a cross-promotional stunt for Grooveshark, which sells MP3s of a different type.

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