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A reason to upgrade

24 Mar

I use Flash Player 9 at work, and until recently I also used it at home. Version 10 is out, but most people still have 9, so for testing purposes I wanted to stick with 9, especially since Katy has switched to 10. Someone has to catch old bugs!

Anyway my Flash Player accidentally got upgraded to 10 at home, and I recently discovered this delicious Tom Waits song: Invitation to the Blues.

Alas, when I tried to play it at work, it sounded like a very sad, drunken donkey was wailing at me. That is usually indicative of a sample rate issue (Flash is very picky about sample rates), but close inspection of the file hasn’t turned up anything wrong with it, including sample rate. If I want to listen to that song at work, I’ll have to upgrade to Flash 10.

Tom Waits, or reliability? Hmm, a tough choice indeed.