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Headless Camels

18 Jul

One problem we have had at Grooveshark is needing to verbally distinguish between CamelCase and camelCase. As you can see, they have the same name. Well, according to Wikipedia they are called lower camelCase and upper CamelCase, but those names are both clunky and probably not particularly intuitive.

Here at Grooveshark we’ve tried to come up with something better. For a while we tried calling upper CamelCase StudlyCaps while calling lower camelCase just camelCase. That didn’t sit well with everyone since even this spelling of STuDLeYCAps meets the definition, so we decided to invent a new word for upper CamelCase: StudleyCamels while still calling lower camelCase camelCase. Then another problem arose: how do you let people know that when you say camelCase you aren’t just failing to be specific?

Enter: headlessCamels (or decappedCamels). The visualization fits: you still have the hump(s), but the head (the leading uppercase) is missing, so you have a headlessCamel. As for StudleyCamels, I visualize a camel proudly sporting studded leather duds, and he’s holding his head high because he’s proud of his studs. But then again, I’m pretty weird.


More music on Lite

17 Jul

Tonight we added about 400k files to Grooveshark Lite. If there’s anything you haven’t been able to find on Lite, there’s a good chance that it’s on there now. It should also take significantly less time for newly uploaded content to be added to Lite from now on.


Search TinySong in Firefox

05 Jul

I have gone ahead and added the same technology that I recently blogged about to allow quick searches of TinySong from Firefox as well.

For those of you not familiar, TinySong is a service that Grooveshark launched a little while ago geared towards being “the fastest way to search for music” – really it’s a quick way to get tinyURL style links for sharing on sites like Twitter. Now you can get those links with one less step, if you use Firefox.


Search Grooveshark Lite in Firefox

03 Jul

Searching Grooveshark Lite just got even easier. At least if you’re a Firefox user. Get the search extension by going to, click on the search drop down in the upper right-hand corner in Firefox, and click “Add Grooveshark Lite Search”, and you’re done! Now whenever you want to search for a song or an artist, just select Grooveshark Lite from the search drop down and type in what you’re looking for. Couldn’t be easier.