If everything is top priority, then nothing is top priority

05 Dec

One of my heroes, Raymond Chen, writes about how he dealt with the annoying habit of management to give conflicting things top priority (here).

In the past we’ve had the same problems with management at Grooveshark. I was not clever/important enough to single handedly shape the behavior of management, however, so the end result here was that I would pick from the “top priority” list, which ended up being a list of every single thing that needed to be done, ever, and just do the ones that most interested me.

Grooveshark management is taking a new approach now, and we lowly devs are now more empowered to decide what our priorities should be. Essentially, it’s a lot like the old system, but lest frustrating for both parties, because there’s no pretense. :)


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  1. The Management

    December 5, 2008 at 1:45 pm

    Jay, make sure those Ad changes are your top priority. And targeting. And skits. And the expert system. And performance enhancements. And recent retention. And popular .

    Oh, maintenance too.

    Right after all of that’s out of the way we’ll get to Phase II, I swear. :-P