Grooveshark Lite updates: More music, Better Popular List

10 May

Grooveshark Lite now has more music available for listening. I don’t know if I’m allowed to disclose totals, so I’ll just discuss the delta: about 400,000 more songs than previously available, all of them very high quality (> 256kbps). We were excluding them previously due to technical limitations, but those issues have now been solved. Enjoy!

Tired of seeing the same old crap on the Grooveshark Lite popular list? Well now you don’t have to. Previously, the popular list showed only the all-time popular music which was interesting, but obviously didn’t change much over time.

Our new algorithm calculates a normalized weight based on how many times the song has been played today, how many times it was played yesterday, and the total number of plays of all songs for both of those days. Songs that have a lower normalized weight than they did yesterday are penalized slightly. The net effect is that it’s easier for new songs to get on the popular list, and songs that are gaining popularity will be pushed higher up the list than songs that are becoming less popular.

If you take a look at the list of popular songs on Grooveshark Lite, you’ll see that our users have very eclectic tastes, which makes sense since our goal is to have a bit of everything, and that’s exactly what people are listening to. You’ll find just about every genre, new music and old music on there. At the time of writing, the second song on the list is a Katamari song!


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