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Back from FOWA Miami

26 Feb

Several of us Grooveshark developers went down to FOWA Miami this year (and Barcamp Miami too!), which was a fun and educational experience. We got to see my personal hero Joel Spolsky, whom Katy and I briefly met after his talk, and we got to learn about some cool new and upcoming technologies.

There were also, of course, some great pre and post conference parties, so we got to meet lots of cool people and network.

Aside from meeting Joel Spolsky, my favorite experience of the entire trip was being accosted by fans of Grooveshark several times over the course of the weekend. It’s really incredibly gratifying to know that Grooveshark has fans, and they’re real people!

Over the next week or so, if I’m not too lazy, I will be posting my thoughts on the FOWA talks, and about some of the conversations I had while I was there, so stay tuned.