MP3 Tag & File Name Editing

21 Feb

If you’re anything like me, you like to have your MP3s organized with a consistent naming scheme *and* with correct ID3 info. It just so happens that if you scan your music in to Grooveshark, it really helps to have correct ID3 info and barring that, a useful file name. If the file information is incorrect or inconsistent, Grooveshark may get confused and create a new artist, album or song even though it actually already exists in the system. This also, of course, affects your chances of getting paid/having others download from you. Chances are if your info is wrong nobody is going to buy your music.

Therefore it’s a good idea to update your song info especially if you downloaded it from, ahem, less reputable sources. Fortunately, you can do this with minimal effort with the right tools. Or rather, with the right tool. All you really need is a free program called ID3-TagIT. It hasn’t been under development for quite some time and it shows, the interface is not slick, shiny or new feeling, but it works. I walked through the process of using file names to create ID3 tags and vice-versa via photo-journal on Flickr, go check it out.

ID3-TagIT Screenshot

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