Meet Grooveshark Lite

15 Apr

Well, for better or worse, Grooveshark Lite is up live and running.

Things are a bit buggy because someone thought it would be a great idea to exponentially increase the complexity of our web setup at the exact same time, and it’s already generated a lot of attention, so don’t be surprised if things just stop working intermittently.
All that said, Grooveshark Lite makes listening to music online super easy, you should definitely check it out.

Here’s a more formal description of GS Lite:

What Grooveshark Lite is:
A flash program written with flex that lets you listen to any MP3s we have in our system.
You can search for music or you can navigate through the heirarchy to find music, browsing songs, artists, albums, playlists or genres.
You can play any of the music you find by clicking the play button, the add to queue button, or by dragging it to the queue.
You can save your queue as a playlist.
You can browse your own music and playlists (even if it’s on another computer) by going to My Music.

What Grooveshark Lite is not:
Grooveshark Lite does not have any social networking components, and will not.

What Grooveshark Lite isn’t yet but will be soon:
Some features that didn’t make it into the initial release (tambourine), but will be added very soon:
Playlist editing: We have a slick interface for managing your playlists; in addition to creating playlists you’ll be able to add & remove songs, delete playlists, rename them, add descriptions, etc.
Auto-DJ: build a queue and our recommendation will add new songs to the queue that it thinks you will like.
Share your music: When you make a playlist, you can get embed code to put our player on your site. There’s a tiny version you can stick in a sidebar or a less compact version to fit in a blog post. The widget pulls the songs based on a playlist, so if you want to change the songs on your site, for example, all you have to do is edit the playlist.
Share your music part 2: If you don’t want to embed the player or don’t have somewhere to do so, you can get a link to your playlist that takes your friends to a page with the playlist loaded in the player. For example, my cake playlist will be accessible via: http://{gslite URL}/boxmonkey/cake or you can send your friends to http://{gslite URL}/{username} and they can browse all of your playlists.

Apologies if any of this is incoherent: I’ve been up since 1pm yesterday. AWESOME.


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  1. Yo Buddy

    June 19, 2009 at 8:59 pm

    Thanks man, but please how do you rename a playlsit? Did u add that yet? If not please do everybody is asking me how but I can’t answer them!!! Please and thank you:)