Grooveshark + Local Music

24 Feb

Grooveshark + Local Music = match made in heaven?

Grooveshark has the potential to serve as a real boon to local music. Yeah, we’re based out of Gainesville and small enough that right now the majority of the benefit will be seen here, but as users start using it more intensely elsewhere (which is already starting to happen), it will help local music everywhere (or at least everywhere with internet access).

Two examples:
1. I went to a show last Sunday and saw Christabel and the Jons (playlist). They are not actually local; they were just passing through, but their music was delicious. I include them as local music because they came through and played at a very small local joint on a Sunday. Their music was not available on Grooveshark previously, so I bought their CD and ripped it to my computer. Now their music is on Grooveshark, and they are making money in two ways:

  1. Royalties are now paid every time someone listens to their music on Grooveshark
  2. They get paid if someone buys their music from Grooveshark

They also get the additional benefit that I have easily been able to share their sounds with other people in Gainesville thanks to Grooveshark, so next time they come through they will get an even better turnout.

2. The Barnacles (playlist). I saw them tonight (Saturday) for the second time. Both times they have not had a CD available for purchase, presumably because they ran out and CDs are expensive to produce, leaving me as a new fan with no way to support them by purchasing a CD. Fortunately for me and for them, when I went home I saw that their music was available on Grooveshark, so I was able to purchase it anyway. Now they will get the revenue from the sale, and I get to listen to their music some more (and share it with all of you).

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