Grooveshark Keyboard Shortcuts for Linux

21 Jun

Attention Linux users: Grooveshark friend Intars Students has created a keyboard shortcut helper for Linux. He could use some help testing it, so go help him! Once a few people have tested it and we’re pretty confident that it works well for users, we will add it to the links inside the app as well.

Intars is also the author of KeySharky, a Firefox extension that allows you to use keyboard shortcuts in Firefox to control Grooveshark playback from another tab, even if you’re not VIP! Pretty cool stuff.

  1. pharkink

    July 15, 2010 at 8:48 am

    Unfortunately it is not possible to use mediakeys with Instars’ script. Below is a very simple shell script that you can assign to the media buttons on your keyboard in gnome-keybinding-properties:
    Just save script below as “~/gs-cmd”, chmod +x it, and then in gnome-keybinding-properties click add, fill in something for the name and use “gs-cmd playpause” as command. Apply, then bind ‘XF86AudioPlay’ to it. Repeat for ‘next’ and ‘previous’.

    gs-cmd :
    ctnt=`ls -A $basedir`
    for dr in $ctnt
    mtch=`expr match “$dr” “GroovesharkDesktop.”`
    if [ $mtch -eq 19 ]
    filedir=$basedir/$dr/”Local Store/”
    cd “$filedir”
    echo “$1” > “shortcutAction.txt”

  2. Intars Students

    July 19, 2010 at 4:11 am

    @pharkink well I don’t have keyboard with such media keys, so I can’t test and build support for it :/