Grooveshark is Hiring (Part 2 – Javascript Edition)

19 May

Grooveshark is looking for talented web developers. We are looking to fill a wide variety of web dev positions. The next few posts I make will be job descriptions for each of the major positions we are looking to fill. For part 2, I’m listing our Javascript developer position. If your skillset is more front-end leaning but you feel like you would be a good fit for Grooveshark, by all means apply now rather than waiting for me to post the job description. :)

Grooveshark is looking for a hardcore JavaScript developer

NOTE: Grooveshark is a web application, written with HTML/CSS, JavaScript, PHP, and ActionScript 3, not a web page or collection of webpages. This position involves working directly with the client-side application code in JavaScript: the “backend of the frontend” if you will.

Must be willing to relocate to Gainesville, FL and legally work in the US. Relocation assistance is available.
Maintaining existing client-side code, creating new features and improving existing ones
Writing good, clean, fast, secure code on tight deadlines
Ensuring that client architecture is performant without sacrificing maintainability and flexible enough for rapid feature changes
Striking a balance between optimizing client performance versus minimizing load on the backend
Integration of third-party APIs

Desired Qualities:
Enjoy writing high quality, easy to read, self-documenting code
A passion for learning about new technologies and pushing yourself
A deep understanding of writing bug-free code in an event-driven, asynchronous environment
Attention to detail
A high LOC/bug ratio
Able to follow coding standards
Good written and verbal communication skills
Well versed in best practices & security concerns for web development
Ability to work independently and on teams, with little guidance and with occasional micromanagement
More pragmatic than idealistic

Extensive JavaScript experience, preferably in the browser environment
Experience with jQuery
Experience with jQueryMX or another MVC framework
HTML & CSS experience, though writing it will not be a primary responsibility
Some PHP experience, though you won’t be required to write it
Knowledge of cross-browser compatibility ‘gotchas’
Experience with EJS, smarty, or other templating systems
Experience with version control software (especially git or another dvcs)

Bonus points for:
Having written a client application (in any language) that relies on a remote server for data storage and retrieval
Having written a non-trivial jQuery plugin
Experience with JavaScript/Flash communication via ExternalInterface
Experience with integrating popular web APIs (OAuth, Facebook, Twitter, Google, etc) into client applications
Experience with ActionScript 3 outside the Flash Professional environment (ie, non-timelined code, compiling with mxmlc or similar)
Experience developing on the LAMP stack (able to set up a LAMP install with multiple vhosts on your own)
Experience with profiling/debugging tools
Being well read in Software Engineering practices
Useful contributions to the open source community
Fluency in lots of different programming languages
BS or higher in Computer Science or related field
Being more of an ‘evening’ person than a ‘morning’ person
A passion for music and a desire to revolutionize the industry

Who we don’t want:
Architecture astronauts
Complete n00bs (apply for internship or enroll in Grooveshark University instead!)
People who want to work a 9-5 job
People who would rather pretend to know everything than actually learn
Religious adherents to The Right Way To Do Software Development
Anyone who would rather use XML over JSON for RPC

Send us:
Code samples you love
Code samples you hate
Links to projects you’ve worked on
Favorite reading materials on Software Engineering (e.g. books, blogs)
What you love about JavaScript
What you hate about JavaScript (and not just the differences in browser implementations)
Prototypal vs Classical inheritance – what are the differences and how do you feel about each?
If you could change one thing about the way Grooveshark works, what would it be and how would you implement it?


If you want a job:  jay at groovesharkdotcom
If you want an internship: [email protected]


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