Better Playlist Editing

16 Aug

Ugh, we know, in Grooveshark 1.0 it is a royal pain in the ass to edit playlists. For various reasons the playlist editing system in 1.0 is a hack on top of a hack. For Grooveshark 2.0 the playlist editing system has finally been rewritten. Aside from a brand new, far less annoying interface, the actual mechanisms for modifying a playlist are vastly improved.

In Grooveshark 1.0, the way most people edit a playlist is to load it up into their queue, most songs around in the queue, add new songs to the queue, etc., and then save the queue, overwriting their existing playlist. If you just want to change the order of your playlist, technically you can do so by opening the playlist page, and clicking the up or down arrow to move a song up or down one position at a time. That means if you have a song in position 10 and you want it to be the first song on the list, you have to click up 9 times.

In Grooveshark 2.0, playlists fully support drag and drop actions. You can still save your queue as a playlist if you like, but you can also edit a playlist by dragging songs into it, dragging songs to the trash to delete them, and moving songs up and down on the list by, you guessed it, dragging them!

Here’s a screenshot with drag and drop in action.
Grooveshark 2.0 Drag and Drop playlists
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