2.0 Screenshots

14 Aug

So far the VIP launch has been a resounding success, but as I mentioned previously, the real gravy for VIP users is yet to come: the ability to try out 2.0 first.

The official date that 2.0 becomes available for VIP users is the 24th. Here’s some of what they have to look forward to:

Select from themes
Choose from cool themes. My favorite is Greenify.

New home screen
Here you can see the home screen, redesigned player and brand new sidebar in action. You’ll notice the little dot on the player. Yes, you can click and drag that to skip ahead and back while a song is playing (finally)!

Song list view
Lists of songs are redesigned to be faster and more usable at the same time. No more slidey panels and awkward navigation heirarchies! Also notice that in 2.0 you can favorite artists and albums in addition to songs.


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