The Importance of Being Earnest

27 Jan

One of the facts of life you have to work with when working at a startup is that your code will always be changing. New features are added, old code gets re-factored, the database layer gets overhauled, etc. That, coupled with the fact that there is always more that needs to be done than time to do it, add up to having almost no documentation for anything.

This is why it is critically important to have self-documenting code. If your code is not self-documenting, and I need to interface with it, then I have to wait for you to have time to answer my questions, or spend a lot of time digging through your code trying to figure out what is actually going on.

There is actually something worse than non-self-documenting code, however, and that’s self-documenting code that is incorrect. If you do not have real documentation and the names you use imply one thing but do another, you are going to cause serious problems.

Of course, I have examples of both problems. In the first, we have two entities that I needed to extrapolate information from: Duration and Bitrate. Do you see the problem? No? What if I ask you for the file size of a song given the following: Bitrate: 190000, Duration: 211749000. Can you tell me at a glance what math would be required in order to get the file size? You can’t, because the units are missing.

For the second example we have something that actually caused a major bug in Grooveshark that is just now in the process of being fixed. We have a field called isOnline. Do you think that isOnline tells whether a file is online? It doesn’t. Well, not always. If isOnline is 0, the file is definitely offline. But if isOnline is 1, it might still be offline, because what is really being tracked by this field is whether the file has been removed from a user’s library (or rather, the inverse of that). With a name like isOnline, it’s quite tempting to assume that that is how you check whether a file is online, and so that is what happened. Which is why often times when you click play on a song in Grooveshark, you get a peer offline error. The file isn’t online because the peer isn’t online, but isOnline is set to 1 because the user has not removed the file.

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