Memcached status like APC status

15 Apr

Just a quick note to point out a cool little utility I discovered recently even though it’s been around for a while:

memcache.php stats like apc.php

If you are at all familiar with the apc status page, you know its nothing fancy but it is a very usable way to gett a quick overview of what is going on, and much prettier than the cli options.

Here is a screenshot from the author’s post:

It literally requires virtually no setup, it’s quite amazing. Optionally change the user/pass combo and add info about your buckets to an array, and boom you’re done. This let’s you easily see how much memory a bucket is using, and you can even see the contents of a slab. It does have one very dangerous feature that I’m tempted to strip out entirely: the ability to flush the contents of a bucket, seemingly with the click of a mouse (I haven’t tested it to find out). Some things should be hard.

Anyway, I highly recommend checking it out, it takes virtually no time and might actually be useful!


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