Introducing Activity Feeds

10 May

Grooveshark’s new preloader image doesn’t really have anything to do with the new Activity Feeds feature (aside from also being new), but it sure does look nice, doesn’t it?

Saturday night/Sunday morning, Grooveshark released a pretty major set of features to VIP users onto and the desktop app. The major new feature is activity feeds, and it’s certainly the most interesting one, so I’ll cover that first.

When you visit the site, on the sidebar you should notice a new item called “Community” — next to that, it displays the number of events since the last time you logged in.

The actual community activity page is pretty awesome! It shows you aggregated information about the activity of all your friends! Possible activities include:
-Obsession (playing the same song a lot)
-Being really in an artist or album (listening to a lot of songs on that album or by that artist)
-Adding songs to your favorites or library.
Essentially, the power of this feature lies in being able to find out about new music that your friends are into. This feature turns Grooveshark into the best social music discovery service I’ve ever heard of.

Each user also has a profile page, with activity displayed by default, and links to their music library, community and playlist pages.

If you’re the kind of user who doesn’t want the user to know what you’re listening to at all times, then you have a couple of options in the settings page now. You can temporarily enable an “incognito mode” style setting which turns off logging to feeds for the duration of your session. This setting is perfect for parties or if you’re a hipster but just can’t resist the urge to listen to Miley Cyrus. No one has to know.
The other option is the more extreme “nuclear option” type of setting. It permanently disables logging your feed activity, and it permanently deletes all feed information we might have already stored.

Grooveshark is now available in Portugese! Translated by our very own Brazilian, Paulo. (Note: We will be removing country flags from languages soon, for those who are bothered by that sort of thing)

Shortcuts to playlists you are subscribed to now show up in the sidebar, below playlists you have created. The blue ones are your playlists, and the grey ones are subscribed playlists.

We now have autocomplete or “search suggest” functionality integrated into the search bar on the home screen.

Wondering if an artist is on tour? Want to buy tickets? Well now you can, thanks to our partner Songkick.

The library page has been revamped, and now playlists are contained within it. In the example pictured above, you can see that columns are collapsible: I collapsed the Albums column, while leaving the Artists column open.
Note: you can still get to your favorites by clicking on the Favorites smart playlist, or by going to My Music and then clicking on the button in the header that says “<3 Favorites”


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